30+ Best ways to earn money online in Pakistan without investment 2021

Making money in the online field is not a difficult task. Everyone search on Google “How to earn money online in Pakistan without investment? but when results come they get confused. Confused in a sense that which way is real?, Which way should I choose?, Which Platform is best? and so more. Our minds are stuck and we get entangled. Then how we will take the first step? If you are one of those people then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss everything in detail. So instead of leaving this post, if you read it in full, I am sure you will benefit a lot.

earn money online without investment in Pakistan

Technology Increasing day by day. Every business is going online. People make money online at home in different ways. How much you earn money online in Pakistan without investment depends on your thinking. This thought will lead you to two paths/methods. Either you can earn money as a boss or as a servant, you have to decide for yourself whether you want to be a businessman or an employer… You have to decide one of these two and start your career.

As a Freelancer

You can start working online for free without any investment. But you must have some skills. Here is the list of 7 best online earning websites in Pakistan 2021…

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer
  4. 99design
  5. PeoplePerHour
  6. Guru
  7. Blogger

As an employer

You can find and apply for online jobs that are related to your field. If you have no skills, no experience and you are a student then this is the best way for you to do it. Numerous online jobs are published every day in Pakistan. If you work hard and search for online jobs, you will definitely get a good one. If you are having difficulty in doing so, then you can just click on the button that is given below and get an online job.

Online Jobs in Pakistan

In this article, we will discuss both methods of earning online in detail. If you want to know how to Make Money online? You just follow our ways.

Top 30+ best ways to earn money online in Pakistan without investment 2021

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing
  3. Youtube
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram
  6. Sell images and videos
  7. Start teaching online
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Article Writing
  10. Write and publish kindle ebook
  11. Sell food on Foodpanda
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. Buy and sell domains
  14. Flipping websites
  15. Sell your Digital course online
  16. Start reselling hosting
  17. Sell your graphics
  18. Sell your products on Daraz
  19. Voice recording
  20. Manage social accounts
  21. E-commerce and Shopify Store
  22. Online Data Entry Jobs
  23. Call Center Representative
  24. Online Tutor
  25. Social Media Manager
  26. Content Writer
  27. Graphic Designer
  28. Video Editor
  29. Virtual Assistant
  30. Resume Writer

First Method to Earn Money Online

The first method (as a businessman) includes 20+ ways to earn money online in Pakistan without investment? All of these ways are related to your skills. If you have a skill, you can earn like an entrepreneur without any pressure. And it can be a means of creating jobs for many jobless people and transforming Pakistan. There are many ways and skills to make money online that we will discuss here.


earn money online without investment in Pakistan 1

First, let’s start with blogging. Blogging is a common word that everyone knows. Blogging is a source of lifetime earning. If you have writing skills and you are also a graduate or intermediate student then this platform is perfect for you. Create your own blog and share your thoughts, moments, learning experiences, life stories, and more. Blogging.com is a website where you can start a blog without investment, this is totally free. Follow website instructions and make a blog.

Now next question arises that How to earn money with blogging? There are many ways to earn money online with blog websites. A popular way is Google Adsense. You can monetize your website with google Adsense. After monetization ads will come on your site. When users land on your site and click on ads then you will make passive earning. 

The second way to earn money from a blog is to promote products and review products on your blog. Many companies hire your blog to review products. And you will earn next level earning. There are many more ways to earn from a blog, if you want to learn this you can search on google and youtube.


earn money online without investment in Pakistan 2

Freelancing is a very popular way to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. You can sell your skills internationally from Pakistan. But for freelancing, you must have any skills.

If you have a skill then numerous platforms are available where you can join free for freelancing Like Fiverr, Upwork, and guru, etc. Skill plays an important key role. If you have no skill and you want to do freelancing it is like a body that has no heart. If you really want to make money then learn a skill.

 “If you have a skill and you are an expert then no one beats you”  

Now next question arises that How I earn from freelancing? Make a profile on freelancing websites like Fiverr and send requests for work. Clients give you orders. Your work is to complete this order before the deadline.


How to earn money online without investment in Pakistan 2021

Another way to earn money online in Pakistan without investment is to become a YouTuber. Everyone knows youtube. Maka a channel, Start uploading videos on youtube and complete a task of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours. After completing this task Youtube will monetize your channel and you will start earning.



The most widely used app in the world is Facebook. All over the world people make pages on Facebook and monetize these pages. When monetization is enabled then you’re earning starts. Speaking of Pakistan, first of all, make money from Facebook in Pakistan is disabled, but now in 2021  Facebook monetization is enabled and a lot of people make pages and make money online without Investment.

In addition to all these, when your Facebook page followers increasing day by day and hit millions then your page also uses for promotions. People paid for the promotion as you want. So If you want to earn money online, make a page on Facebook, and start earning.


earn money online without investment in Pakistan

In this modern era, everyone knows what Instagram is. Everyone makes an Instagram account. Earning on Instagram is very easy and fastest. Just make an account and gain followers.

“All the games about online earning depend on Instagram account followers”

Are you have an account and also have millions of organic followers on Instagram then Are you wondering? how to earn money online in Pakistan without investment? People will use your account for promotions.

Sell images and videos

photos min 1

You love to take selfies or make videos, then you can definitely make money by taking advantage of this hobby. There are numerous ways to make money online, one of which is to sell your photos and videos online. The question now is where to sell your photos and videos? Shutterstock is a platform where you can sell your photos, videos, etc. There are also many other platforms. If you want to get all the information about it, search for it so that you can get as much information as possible to earn money online in Pakistan.

Some sites where you can sell images.

Start teaching online

teaching min 1

You have a passion for reading or teaching, you make money through your passion. Making money online depends on what you think, where you are interested? If you are passionate about online earning websites then there are various online or social media or any other platforms where you make Online Jobs by teaching and giving information to people.

For example, you create your own videos and people learn something from these videos it means you are a teacher. You can reach thousands of students through social networking sites like udemy, youtube, Facebook, etc.

Digital marketing

digital marketing min 1

From the very name of digital marketing, it is clear that digital means online. Digital marketing is a huge platform through which you can earn money online in crores of rupees. You have your own product and you want that product to be sold in online marketing then the thing we use for this process is called digital marketing.

We strive to bring as many customers as possible through digital marketing. Bringing the customer to your product so that they are attracted to it and buy the product is a process of digital marketing. Commercial systems or ads come in digital marketing. We use social media platforms and many online websites and platforms for this digital marketing process. For example, We color our commercial ad campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Article Writing

writing min 1

Article writing is a skill that you can use to make money in the online field. This field is perfect for those who are interested in reading, writing, and learning new things. If you feel that you have the ability to work continuously and discover new things, then you are perfect for this field and you make a lot of money from this hobby.

Allah Almighty gives the ability to write to someone. So the one who has the passion to write knows very well how to write an article. You should keep in mind before writing that What are the important things to write a good article? When you get complete information then you can earn money online in Pakistan without investment from your hobby. You can sell your skill on Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork and numerous other online platforms.

Write and publish kindle ebook

ebook min 1

This way of making money is similar to the technique of article writing. A person who is able to write small articles in a good way by his hobby is capable of writing even big books.

Nowadays people write books in PDF format or Word Form and sell them on Amazon and other countless platforms and earn money online in Pakistan without investment. Are you capable of writing a good book, then why not write a quick great book and make money by selling it online?

Sell food on Foodpanda

Sell food on Foodpanda

FoodPanda is a company operating in Pakistan that has grown a lot and now has its own small branches in every city of Pakistan. The company is the source of livelihood for many unemployed people.

FoodPanda is definitely remembered on the online platform. you want to earn money online in Pakistan. Are you want also to make money by working online in this company, then go to their official site and read all information regarding their jobs and apply from there and earn money online in Pakistan without investment.

Affiliate Marketing

masketing min 1

Selling affiliate products online is called affiliate marketing. For good and effective affiliate marketing you need to find niche products then start. From affiliate marketing, people have to make a lot of money.

There are countless ways you make money by affiliate marketing. The most used platform in affiliate marketing with Amazon which is used all over the world. This is just a brief description of affiliate marketing, in which we take someone’s product and sell it by ourselves and make money online as a commission. It depends on how much you sell the product and how much commission you earn money online in Pakistan.

Buy and sell the domain

Another way to make money online is to buy and sell domains. Are you know about domains, you make money by buying and selling domains and this method is an easy and fast way to make money.

If you search on Google “buy domain”, you will find thousands of websites where you can buy any domain. Godaddy is the most popular website for buying a domain and you can easily get it. First when you buy a domain then later you can sell this domain at the price you want. This process of buying and selling will give you an idea of how easy it is to buy and sell a domain and how easily you earn money online.

Flipping websites


We can also make money by buying and selling. That is, buy for less money and sell for more money and earn a profit. This process is called the flipping process. You can search on Google, there are many websites where you can flip your business. You can sell any of your website, app, youtube channel, game id, Instagram account, etc., and earn money online in Pakistan.

Sell your Digital course online

If you have any skill then you can sell it to make a profit. Selling your digital course is another way to make money online. Create a digital course first then sell it on any site. There are numerous websites available in the online field where you can sell your digital course. For example, Udemy.

Start reselling hosting

hosting min 1

Just as digital courses and domains can be sold, so you can also buy and sell hosting. Start reselling hosting is another way to earn money online without investment in Pakistan.

If you are very fond of hosting, you can earn money without investment from your hobby. You can start reselling the hosting business and start earning. But make sure you are well-informed about everything so that you don’t get confused.

Sell your graphics

graphics min 1

According to my, Graphic design is the most popular business nowadays. The demand for graphic designers is increasing day by day. If you are very fond of graphics, you can earn money from your hobby. Graphic designing is a skill and you can sell your skill online and earn money. Like you can sell it at Fiverr, Upwork, and many more…

Sell your products on Daraz

daraz 1 min 1

You made any type of product and sell them on Daraz. According to my, Daraz is one of the most popular companies in Pakistan where people give their products and do business online. Daraz has become so popular that everyone knows about it. You have to go to their official website to get all the information and then start working. If you have the information, you will be able to do business well.

Voice recording

voice min 1

Voice recording is also a way to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. You can contact high official websites for this job where voice recording job opportunities are available. It’s a little difficult to get a job but not impossible. You have to find it and apply it. If you are eligible then your job is confirmed. Your passion for voice recording becomes your business in the online field.

Manage social accounts

social min 1

There are a lot of people who have a lot of accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites, such people need assistance who manage their accounts. If you are eligible to do such jobs then search and apply. Manage social media accounts also provide a way of earning in the online field.

Second Method to Earn Money Online

Now we will discuss the second method of earn money online in Pakistan without investment. As an employer, you can search for online jobs and make money fast. Online job salaries are on an hourly/weekly/monthly basis. Developing a business is very hard especially In Pakistan. If you are skilled and you are a seller on Fiverr, Upwork, then orders depend on your luck.

It is not happening for everyone that a list of work orders should come as soon as the skills come. So such people also move towards online jobs. Suppose there is a guy/student who just has no skills, no experience and he also wants to work online, so the best way for him is to do online jobs and work there.

Students always prefer online jobs, work from home. You need to have experience if you want to find an online job such as it is important to have any skill if you want to work online as a businessman or seller. We will discuss in detail the 10 best work-from-home jobs for students with no experience in Pakistan. 10 Best Online Jobs for Students are discussed in this section.

Online Data Entry Jobs 

30 Best Ways To Earn Money Online Without Investment In Pakistan 2021

Entering data is a job for which you do not need experience. As a student, we do a lot of assignments at home. We do school work at home and know Microsoft world well. Data entry means enter company data on Microsoft Excel sheets and it’s very easy to run Microsoft Excel. If you do not know how to run it, you can watch a video from YouTube and you will immediately get all the guidance about it. This is a job that does not require any experience at all. You can easily learn this job at once.

Now the question arises as to where we can easily find such data entry jobs In Pakistan? Companies that do not belong to the government and charge registration fees are fraudulent. Please refrain from such companies and attract yourself to a job that is real and does not charge any registration fee. Online data entry jobs are published every day in different cities of Pakistan. You can visit our site Ujobs.pk. We are publishing real data entry jobs all over Pakistan.

Call Center Representative

earn money online in Pakistan without investment

After data entry and typing jobs, the second most popular online job to generate passive income is call center representative or call center agents. In Pakistan, equal opportunity is available for males and females.

This job is best for a person who has no experience in any field. Basically in a call center agent job a person receives calls and answers customer questions and addresses concerns. Matric pass, Inter pass, BS Degree holder, or person who relates to any field can apply for this job.

Online Tutor Jobs

earn money online in Pakistan without investment

The third most important way to earn money online in Pakistan without investment is through an online tutor. A person who is qualified and jobless then this job vacancy is for it. In Pakistan, unemployment increases day by day. Middle Class and Poor people educate their children so that they can earn money in the future and improve their lives.

After investing so much money in education when children complete their education then they try for a job. But after searching for a lot of jobs they know without experience to get a good job is very hard. Online tutor is the best way to earn money for those qualified persons who have no experience. There are numerous online tutor websites and jobs available on google. Search and apply for the best one. Go to our site home page we also publish online tutor jobs from all over Pakistan.

Social Media Manager Jobs

earn money online in Pakistan without investment

Nowadays it’s very common to have social media accounts. Everyone knows about social media accounts and applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Social Media Manager is responsible for managing people accounts, post systems, handling comment sections, improving brand awareness, and helping companies increase sales. You can also work as a social media manager if you have a skill in handling accounts.

Content Writer Jobs

earn money online in Pakistan without investment

Content Writer is the perfect job for those who have an interest in writing. There is only one good writer out of 1000 people. But now job vacancies for content writers are common in Pakistan. For this job your education, qualification does not matter. The thing which matter is your language skill and experience in writing.

Graphic Designer Jobs

earn money online in Pakistan without investment

The most requested jobs with high demand salaries are a graphic designer. Design graphics with passion. Graphic designing is a skill. And your earnings in this job depend upon your skill passion and experience. You can also learn this skill by joining a course or any institute within three months.

Video Editing Jobs

earn money online in Pakistan without investment

Youtube video editing jobs are also a way of earn money online in Pakistan without investment. Numerous jobs are available on olx for a video editor. This is one of the best jobs for a person who has no experience, no skill, no qualification…

Virtual Assistant Jobs

earn money online in Pakistan without investment

Virtual assistant jobs depend upon your communication skill. Responsibilities that include in this job are managed phone calls, manage appointments, manage email accounts, convince customers.  As a virtual assistant, you can work with any website or you can join the amazon affiliate program. 

Resume Writer Jobs 

earn money online in Pakistan without investment

Resume writing is a super-easy way to earn money online without investment. Resume writing means make a cv for a person. You just take information from customers and arrange this information and make an attractive resume.


There are numerous ways to earn money online in Pakistan without investment from which 30+ ways we mentioned above. The most important thing to make money online is to have a skill. If you do not have a skill, you will not be able to earn money online.

Having the skills to make money online is as important as drinking water for the thirsty. Here are just twenty ways and there are countless ways where you make money online. When you enter the online field, you realize how many more ways you make money with online jobs. We hope that you have understood all the information given in this post and it will be useful for you.

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