30+ Best Ways To Online Earning In Pakistan Without Investment 2023

Online money making isn’t difficult at all. “How to make money online without investment in Pakistan?” is a common query on Google. They become confused when they see the results. Confusion in a sense that which way is true? What should I do? What is the best platform? So much more.

The mind gets entangled and stuck. What are our next steps? You have come to the right place if you are one of those people. We will discuss everything in detail here. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you read this post in its entirety rather than leaving it.

Day by day, technology increases. Businesses are going online. There are many ways to make money online at home. In Pakistan, there is no limit to the amount you can earn online without investment.

There are two paths you can take from this thought. There are two ways in which one can earn money: either as a boss or as a servant, but it is up to you which you prefer… Your career will begin with either of these two choices.

As a Freelancer

Getting started online for free does not require any investment. A certain level of skill is also required. Here are the seven best online earning websites in Pakistan for 2022.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer
  4. 99design
  5. PeoplePerHour
  6. Guru

As an employer

You can browse and apply for online jobs that are relevant to your field. Especially if you are a student with no experience or skills, this is the best way for you to begin. In Pakistan, there are dozens of online jobs posted every day. You will definitely get a good job if you work hard and search for online positions. Alternatively, you can click on the button provided below to get an online job if you are having difficulty doing so.

Our goal in this article is to provide a detailed explanation of both methods of generating income online. Would you like to know how to make money online? You just need to follow our directions.

Top 30+ best ways to earn money online in Pakistan without investment 2022

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing
  3. Youtube
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram
  6. Sell images and videos
  7. Start teaching online
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Article Writing
  10. Write and publish kindle ebook
  11. Sell food on Foodpanda
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. Buy and sell domains
  14. Flipping websites
  15. Sell your Digital course online
  16. Start reselling hosting Advertisements
  17. Sell your graphics
  18. Sell your products on Daraz
  19. Voice recording
  20. Manage social accounts
  21. E-commerce and Shopify Store
  22. Online Data Entry Jobs
  23. Call Center Representative
  24. Online Tutor
  25. Social Media Manager
  26. Content Writer
  27. Graphic Designer
  28. Video Editor
  29. Virtual Assistant
  30. Resume Writer

First Method to Earn Money Online

How to earn money online in Pakistan without investment (as a businessman). These ways are all related to your skills. You can earn like an entrepreneur if you have a skill. It can also create jobs for many jobless Pakistanis and transform the country. We will discuss here many ways and skills you can use to make money online.


Let’s start with blogging. The blog is a common word that everyone knows. You can earn a living by blogging. You should use this platform if you have writing skills and are also a graduate or intermediate student. You can write a blog and share your thoughts, learning experiences, and stories about your life. A blog can be made without any investment by using blogging.com, which is a totally free site. Create a blog by following the instructions on the website.

The next question is, how can you make money with blogging? With blog websites, there are a number of ways to make money. Google Adsense is one of the most popular methods. With Google Adsense, you can monetize your website. Your site will display ads after monetization. You will make passive money when someone lands on your site and clicks on the ads. 

Another way to earn money from a blog is to promote products and review them. You are hired by many companies to review their products on your blog. You will earn next-level earnings. If you’re interested in learning more about earning from a blog, search on google and youtube.


In Pakistan, freelancing is a very popular way to earn money online without investing. Your skills can be sold internationally from Pakistan. You must have skills  for freelancing. You can resell someone else’s skills if you don’t have any.

Several platforms are available where you can register for free to join for freelancing, such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru. Skill plays a vital role. Freelancing without skill is like being a body without a heart. Learn a skill if you want to make money.

 “If you have a skill and you are an expert then no one beats you”  

Secondly, how can I earn money by freelancing? Creating a profile on freelancing websites such as Fiverr will help you find work. You receive orders from clients. You must complete this order before the deadline.


You can also make money online in Pakistan without investing by becoming a YouTuber. Everyone knows about YouTube. Making a channel, uploading videos to youtube, and achieving 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on youtube is the first step. Youtube will monetize your channel once you have completed this task.


It is estimated that Facebook is used by more than two billion people worldwide. There are millions of Facebook pages around the world that are monetized. Your earning starts after you enable monetization. When talking about Pakistan, monetizing Facebook was disabled in Pakistan until 2022, but now people can monetize Facebook and make money without investing.

When you reach millions of followers on your Facebook page, your page can also be used for promotion as your followers grow day by day. Promoters paid as much as you want. You can start earning money online by making a page on Facebook.


In our modern age, everyone is familiar with Instagram. Everyone has an Instagram account. Instagram is the easiest and fastest way to make money. Create an account and gain followers.

“All the games about online earning depend on Instagram account followers”

Do you have an account on Instagram and also have millions of organic followers? Is it possible to earn money online in Pakistan without investment? Your account will be used for promotions.

Sell images and videos

If you enjoy taking selfies or making videos, then you can definitely make money from your hobby. Making money online can be done in several ways, including selling your photos and videos online. Now the question is where to sell your photos and videos? You can sell your pictures, videos, etc. on Shutterstock. In addition, there are many other platforms. If you want to find out more about how to earn money online in Pakistan, search for it so you can gather as much information as possible.

Some sites where you can sell images.

  • Shutterstock
  • Adobe Stock
  • 500px

Start teaching online

You make money through your passion for reading or teaching. How can you make money online based on what you think and what interests you? Online earning websites are ideal for those with a passion for teaching and giving information through social media and other online platforms. When you make your own videos and people learn from them, you are a teacher. Udemy, YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking sites offer an easy way to reach thousands of students.Advertisements

Digital marketing

In other words, digital marketing involves online marketing. Online marketing is a huge platform that enables people to make money in crores of rupees through digital marketing. In online marketing, if you have a product that you want to sell, the thing we use is something called digital marketing.

Our goal is to bring customers through digital marketing as much as possible. The goal of digital marketing is to attract customer to your product so that they will buy it. Digital marketing includes commercial systems or ads. For this digital marketing process, we utilize social media platforms and many online websites and platforms. As an example, we work with Facebook, Instagram, and Google to color our commercial ads.

Article Writing

Making money online can be achieved by writing articles. Reading, writing, and learning new things are perfect skills for those in this field. The majority of people who make a lot of money from this hobby are those who are highly motivated and have the ability to work continuously.

You are able to write to someone if Allah Almighty gives you the ability. People who are passionate about writing know how to write an article very well. What are the important things to consider before writing an article? You can earn money online in Pakistan without investment from your hobby when you have complete information. Many online platforms allow you to sell your skills, including Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc.Advertisements

Write and publish kindle ebook

Making money through article writing is very similar to this method. People who are capable of writing small articles by their hobbies can easily write large books as well.

Nowadays, people make money online in Pakistan writing PDF or Word format books and selling them on Amazon and countless other platforms. You’re an experienced author, then why not publish a great book right away and make money from it?

Sell food on Foodpanda

The Foodpanda brand is an online grocery and food delivery platform owned by Delivery Hero.As a result of its growth, FoodPanda now has branches in each city of Pakistan. For many unemployed individuals, the company is their sole source of income.

On the online marketplace, FoodPanda stands out. In Pakistan, you want to earn money online. If you wish to earn money online in Pakistan working for this company, then go to their official website and read all information about their jobs and apply from there to make money online without investing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of selling affiliate products online. It is important to find niche products before starting affiliate marketing. People have to make a lot of money from affiliate marketing.Advertisements

Affiliate marketing offers countless ways to make money. The most popular affiliate marketing platform with Amazon, which is used around the world. In affiliate marketing, we take someone’s product and sell it on our own and make money as a commission. In Pakistan, it depends on how much you sell and how much commission you earn.

Buy and sell the domain

Buying and selling domains is another way to make money online. The easiest and fastest way to make money is by buying and selling domain names.

You will find thousands of websites where you can purchase any domain by searching Google “buy domain”. You can easily purchase a domain at Godaddy, which is the most popular website for buying domains. When you buy a domain, you can later sell it for the price you want. You will be able to see how easy it is to buy and sell a domain as well as how easy it is to earn money online.

Flipping websites

We can also make money by buying and selling. That is, buy for less money and sell for more money and earn a profit. This process is called the flipping process. You can search on Google, there are many websites where you can flip your business. You can sell any of your website, app, youtube channel, game id, Instagram account, etc., and earn money online in Pakistan.

Sell your Digital course online

By buying and selling websites, we can also make money. Buying at a discount and selling for a higher price will yield a profit. It is known as the flipping process. It is easy to flip your business using Google, there are a variety of platforms to choose from. Earn money online in Pakistan by selling your website, app, youtube channel, game id, Instagram account, etc.

Start reselling hosting

In the same way that you can sell digital courses and domains, you can also sell hosting. Reselling hosting is another way to make money online in Pakistan without investment.

You can earn money from your hobby of hosting without any investment if you love it. You can resell the hosting business and earn money. Be sure you are well-informed about everything so that you don’t get confused.

Sell your graphics

In my opinion, Graphic design is one of the most popular businesses today. Graphic designers are in high demand. You can earn money from your hobby if you love graphics. You can earn money online by selling your graphic design skills. You can sell it on Fiverr, Upwork, and many other places…

Sell your products on Daraz

You can sell any type of product on Daraz. In my opinion, Daraz is one of the most popular companies in Pakistan where people sell their products and do business online. Daraz is so well known that everyone knows about it. To get all the information, you must visit their official website. You can do business well if you have the information.

Voice recording

Another way to earn money online in Pakistan without investing is through voice recording. If you are interested in applying for this job, you can contact high-profile websites. It’s a little hard, but not impossible, to get a job. You must find it and apply it. You will be hired if you meet the required qualifications. In the online world, you can turn your passion for voice recording into a business.

Manage social accounts

Many people have multiple accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites, and such people need assistance in managing their accounts. Search and apply for such jobs if you are qualified. You can also earn in the online field by managing social media accounts.

Second Method to Earn Money Online

We will now look at the second method of earning money online without investment in Pakistan. If you are an employer, you can find online jobs and earn money quickly. Salaries for online jobs are hourly, weekly, or monthly. In Pakistan, it is very difficult to develop a business. As a seller on Fiverr, Upwork, your orders depend on your luck.

Some people do not receive a list of work orders as soon as the skills arrive. People like this also move towards online jobs. The best way for a guy/student with no skills and no experience to work online is to find online jobs and work there.

Work from home jobs is always preferred by students. For instance, if you want to work online as a businessman or seller, you must have any skill you possess. We will discuss in detail the 10 best work-from-home jobs for students without experience in Pakistan. The top 10 online jobs for students are discussed in this section.

Online Data Entry Jobs 

Data entry does not require experience. As students, we have to do a lot of homework at home. We do schoolwork at home and are familiar with Microsoft world. Data entry means entering company information into Microsoft Excel sheets, and Microsoft Excel is a very easy program to run. In case you don’t know how to run it, you can watch a YouTube video and you’ll get all the guidance you need. There is no experience required for this job. This job can be learned quickly.

Now the question is where can we easily find such data entry jobs in Pakistan? Fraudulent businesses charge registration fees when they are not affiliated with the government. Stay away from such companies and find a job that is real and doesn’t charge a registration fee. Pakistani cities publish online data entry jobs every day. Visit our website Ujobs.pk. We are publishing real data entry jobs throughout Pakistan.

Call Center Representative

The second most popular online job to generate passive income is working as a call center agent or representative. Equal opportunity is available to both men and women in Pakistan. Someone with no prior experience is best suited to this job. In a call center agent job, a person receives calls and answers customers’ questions. The job is open to Matric pass holders, Inter pass holders, BS Degree holders, and anyone with relevant experience.

Online Tutor Jobs

By becoming an online tutor, you can earn money without investment in Pakistan. If you’re qualified and unemployed, this job vacancy is for you. Unemployment increases day by day in Pakistan. The middle class and poor educate their children so that they can earn money in the future and improve their lives.Advertisements

Investing so much money in education, children then try to find a job when they complete their education. After searching for a lot of jobs, they realized it is very difficult to get a good job without experience. For those with no experience, an online tutoring business is the best way to earn money. Google offers a wide range of tutoring websites and jobs. Find the best position and apply. You can also find online tutor jobs from all over Pakistan on our home page.

Social Media Manager Jobs

Social media accounts are very common these days. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., are just a few examples of social media applications used by everyone. In addition to managing people accounts, posting systems, handling comments, and improving brand awareness, the Social Media Manager also assists in increasing sales. If you are skilled in handling accounts, you can also work as a social media manager.

Content Writer Jobs

For those who enjoy writing, Content Writer is the perfect job. Out of 1000 people, only one is a good writer. Now, Pakistan has many job vacancies for content writers. Education and qualifications are not important for this job. What matters is your language skills and writing experience.

Graphic Designer Jobs

Graphic designers are the jobs with the highest demand salaries. Create graphics with passion. Graphic design is a skill. In this job, your earnings are determined by your skill, passion, and experience. Within three months, you can also learn this skill by joining a course or any institute.

Video Editing Jobs

YouTube video editing jobs are another way to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. For a video editor, there are many jobs available on olx. It is one of the best jobs for someone with no experience, no skills, no qualifications…

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Getting a job as a virtual assistant depends on your communication skills. Manage phone calls, schedule appointments, manage email accounts, and convince customers are among the duties of this job.  You can work as a virtual assistant for any website or join the Amazon program. 

Resume Writer Jobs 

Writing resumes is an easy way to earn money online without any investment. Writing a resume means creating a cv for a person. The only thing you have to do is gather information from customers, arrange it, and create an attractive resume.


From the 30+ ways we mentioned above, there are many ways to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. A skill is the most important thing to make money online. You cannot earn money online if you do not have a skill.

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