Punjab University Jobs 2021

Candidates seeking employment opportunities to serve their nation through their knowledge and skills in the field of education can apply for a job at Punjab University. The University is expected to work with successful, talented, powerful, motivated, and hardworking Pakistanis to enhance its academic and research work. We want this educational institution to become a very famous and distinguished department, and for this, we want to hire an individual who loves his duties, thinks first about his students, and provides quality education. Stay Even full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internship programs can help you learn and grow in your field. He is confident that he will provide equal opportunities to all candidates. Therefore, they announced the choice of profession for both male and female applicants.

Punjab University of Jobs (Apply Online)

Punjab University Jobs

How to apply for a job at Punjab University?

If you are interested in applying for a job at Punjab University, please read the detailed information and techniques below and submit the form correctly. By clicking on the “Apply Here” link to redirect to the main job page at www.pu.edu.pk, applicants can create an online account to search for various open positions at this university. Will The details required to collect personal information include name, email address, address, number, and zip code. Once you’ve created your profile, an application page will open, where you’ll find a variety of sections related to your level of specialization, past work experience, accomplishments, and hobbies. Fill out the form until you have entered the information correctly and entered all the details. Candidates will receive a notification letter by email. Wait for the response from the authorities and prepare in the meantime.

List of available jobs (updated)

  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Professor
  • security guard
  • Islam teacher
  • Stenographer
  • HTV controller
  • Financial
  • Education teacher
  • Associate Professor
  • Employee
  • Teacher
  • LTV driver
  • SST teacher
  • Physics teacher


Potential employees who plan to join PU jobs will benefit in many ways because they believe that if they are satisfied with their employees, they will do better and succeed in the industry. They care for their members in every way possible, sometimes supporting their health and financial well-being, and sometimes paying them a high price in the market. A detailed list of discounts offered by them is provided.

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About Punjab University

Punjab University is a renowned public research institution located in Lahore, Pakistan. Punjab University is one of the first and oldest departments of public education in Pakistan. The decision to establish the university was taken by the British government after a conference in Shimla in 1882, in which negotiations were held and it was agreed to make higher education a subcontinent. It was the fourth British-built institution of higher learning in the Indian subcontinent, and the other three were located in other parts of British India. They have many campuses in different parts of Punjab like Jhelum, Gujranwala, and Hanspur. Excluding morning and evening shifts, there are approximately 45,558 students, a total of thirteen faculty members in 83 departments, institutions, and research centers. She topped the 2012 IWF list and won two Nobel Prizes among her former employees and alumni.