POF Jobs 2021 – Pakistan Ordnance Factory

POF Jobs is open to candidates who are qualified engineers and looking for jobs in leading government companies who can do something for their country. This organization is like a paradise for engineers who like to serve their country by acquiring technical and administrative skills. For those who are passionate about their work and their country, there are opportunities and growth. They are not only a built company, but also a sewing factory, so those interested can apply for a job in this factory. Corporation vacancies are advertised on major websites and in major newspapers. Applications will be accepted in Wahant, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Pakistan. Applicants can apply online for new jobs that have recently been added to their existing listings through our website.

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How to apply for POF?

Those who want to get a job with POF should follow these basic guidelines and successfully submit their application online. Clicking the “Apply Here” button prompts you to create a profile by visiting their official website, www.pof.gov.pk, and entering your personal information, such as name, phone number, and email address. Will be done It will appear on your online screen after completing the registration process. Complete the information provided on the Certificate of Eligibility and Experience. Find a job with which you want to get a job. After receiving your request, they will send you a notification. The interview will be conducted by the Professional Council after reviewing the applications. The interview may be a bit difficult, but all questions will depend on your knowledge, experience, and reasons for joining the company.

About Pakistan Ordnance Factory

Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POC) is the largest and well-established defense-industrial complex in Pakistan. They operate under the Ministry of Defense Production and are contractors to a leading defense, firearms, and military corporation. The headquarters of this famous organization is located in Wah Cantt, Punjab. The firm is a highly experienced defense industrial complex that produces large quantities of ammunition and conventional weapons according to international standards. According to him, every day there is a new opportunity for his creative team and they try their best to make the most of it. Its professionals do everything in their power to meet the needs of their customers. Their goal is to provide the best product at the lowest possible price. PSO offers an incredible experience in the administration department and also develops one of the best weapons in the world. The organization has about 14 factories and more than 3 commercial subsidiaries.

List of available jobs 

  • Supply wings
  • Oncologist
  • Medical inspector
  • Security Assistant
  • UDC
  • Godown Guardian
  • DGH
  • Gardening
  • Bone scan
  • Dentist
  • Information Control Supervisor
  • Photographer
  • Heart disease
  • Telephone operator
  • General Surgeon
  • Fight the fire
  • In charge of civil
  • Medical assistants
  • Middle wife
  • Fire chief
  • Kidney doctor
  • Security boss


POF positions can be a great start to your bright future, thanks to the incredible benefits your team offers to full- and part-time employees. They see their employees as family members and want to meet all their needs and support each other. They see gratitude as part of a stronger relationship.

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