PARC Jobs 2021 – Pakistan Agricultural Research Council

Those who want to retire and get a job in a big company are lucky to be able to get a job in PARC. The highly educated recruitment team of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council is looking for amazing professionals to join your company and then reach the pinnacle of success. You only want to hire people who are good at your job, responsible enough to meet challenges, and who know what they want to achieve in life. Employers have an equal opportunity to allow male and female candidates to become members of your applicant team. His passionate team encourages new services with knowledge and expertise and helps them develop in areas of interest. The department searches for the latest jobs with the help of newspaper advertisements, which at that time proved to be an excellent means of informing the public.

Latest Jobs in Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC)


How to apply for PARC?

For those of you who are confident about applying for a job at PARC, you need to know the application criteria required during the job placement process. You can create your own page at to store your information in a database. If they discover something new that matches your profile, you can reapply. It is possible to create a profile after registration and you can update it from time to time. After the closing date, they will sort the form and then begin the verification process, which will take 2 weeks. Candidates who complete this procedure will be called for an interview. They will contact you at the email address or phone number provided to discuss the interview date and your opportunities. Make sure you are ready for the interview, as you may be asked questions about your title and motivation. good luck!

List of available jobs

  • Computer assistant
  • Employee
  • Passenger
  • Personal assistant
  • Office Assistant. Office assistant
  • Senior staff of UDC
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Field assistant
  • HTV controller
  • Scientific
  • LTV driver
  • Laboratory technician
  • DGH
  • Accounting assistant
  • Project manager

About Pakistan Agricultural Research Council

The PARC lacks the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, the foundation of a national organization working to improve the Department of Agriculture. We work with state and federal governments to find scientific solutions. One of the many responsibilities is to solve the problem of agricultural land and to facilitate and integrate agricultural research across the country. The department investigates the scope of the industry and ways to make it known to different people. They implement various agricultural projects, which have proved to be beneficial to society. One of the projects is to provide horticultural awareness, material and technical support to male and female members of the community. This will help the poor and lower class and save money on buying vegetables in the market. In this way, they can grow vegetables on a large scale and sell them in the market, which supports the country’s economy. This will increase the employment rate.

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The workplace will motivate you to be a leader in the future and help you build a comfortable life for yourself and your family. Her business has a philosophy of guiding and educating people so that they can be a useful part of her industry. They want their peers to gain experience, develop and learn. Her voice and acting culture are also amazing.