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Candidates who are bored with their last jobs and want to work in a government agency and earn a living can join OPF jobs. This opportunity is for anyone who wants to be part of the challenge and change, and who wants to contribute to the prosperity of the company. Its professional management team prepares the Pakistani people to live, work and do their best abroad. They will reduce your skills, give you the opportunity to improve your skills and abilities and allow you to use insider information through a training program. Their internship programs give beginners some amazing offers for themselves, and then they can apply for jobs abroad for Pakistanis. All job updates are available on our page and we’ll keep you posted on the latest features.

Latest jobs in Overseas Pakistan Foundation (OPF)

OPF Jobs

How to apply for OPF job?

People who are interested in applying for an OPF job will be happy to know the simple scale required to apply. Applicants will need to fill out the information on their official website www.opf.org.pk to create a profile that will lead to their online application. After completing the registration process, you will receive a notification confirming receipt of your application. Adding information to the database will give you more options. Your administration reserves the right to shortlist candidates and invite them for interviews. This interview will take into account the availability of a recruitment team, so it will take time to review all applications and then shortlist individuals. You will be asked questions about your skills and experience in the field.

List of available jobs 

  • Additional Director
  • Audit Assistant
  • Additional Director Ministers
  • Office Leader
  • Deputy Director Civil Engineering
  • Associate Engineer
  • CFO
  • Computer technician
  • Office Assistant. Office assistant
  • Writer
  • Passenger
  • Employee
  • Counter
  • Steno-typist
  • Accounting assistant
  • Software developer

About Pakistan Overseas Foundation

The Overseas Pakistan Foundation was registered on July 8, 1979, under the Companies Act, 1913 and the Immigration Act, 1979. It was established as a public sector, non-profit company. The company is run by the Board of Governors of the Government of Pakistan. Its vision is to make the OPF an effective, progressive, entrepreneurial, professional, independent, and credible organization. They have a responsibility to keep Pakistanis at home and abroad economically strong and prosperous. They provide all kinds of solutions to the problems facing Pakistan abroad. Its mission is to effectively address all the challenges and concerns facing Pakistanis there. He is also credited with working for the prosperity and development of Pakistan, which specializes in remittances, technology, and investment. They want to create a successful organization so that all people living abroad have no difficulty living there.

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OPF Jobs knows that the key to their employees’ success is their partners, and they are confident that they will do everything possible to develop their employees. They want to bring everyone together because they want to build a society that educates each other. His leadership brings together his insights, innovations, knowledge, and professionalism so that we can develop not only together but also as individuals.